carlsbad-real-estate-buyholdsellWhy turnkey?

This is the best option if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • If you live in locations where investment properties are very expensive, a TK property investment will be an excellent option that allows you exploit opportunities outside your location.
  • If you live in areas with good ROIs and do not want to be involved in the hassles of daily property management, TK property investment frees your time to focus on other things that are more important to you.
  • If you are a busy professional without ample time on your hands, and still want to realize your dream of investing in real estate, this is surely a definite option for you.

Do I pay more for TK properties?

  • You do not necessarily pay more for a TK property. The fact that most TK providers buy wholesale and not retail, they get the advantage of scale; from property acquisition, to materials from suppliers, coupled with the fact that they have years of experience behind them, they could leverage on these to really push down the prices. They also get good bargain from contractors, and all these add to the price advantage TK providers get.

What are the most critical success factors in TK property?good returns2

  • The major determinants of a successful TK property investment are integrity of the TK provider and property management. Since most investors are located remotely, they must rely on the PM as their primary representatives to protect their interest. In most cases, the TK provider has a PM in place although the investor is not obliged to use the in-house PM.

Can I choose my own PM to manage my property?

Absolutely, you can elect to choose your own PM.

How do I get paid my rent?

The PM will wire the rent directly to your dedicated account monthly and send you an annual report for your taxes.

What if the tenant is not paying the rent?

The PM is experienced with the local laws and will apply these whenever eviction is required.

Can I do my due diligence on the property before closing?

Of course, you are advised to do whatever you need to do to make you comfortable. If you need referrals, we will provide that.

Do I need a real estate attorney to close?

A closing and title company handles all documentations and make all required payments at closing. However, you may choose a lawyer to close but the fees will be borne by the investor.

Do you offer mortgage loans to buyers?financial-freedom-300x198

We underwrite all the loans for prequalified borrowers for our Kansas properties. We are working with our credit program partners to cover Atlanta properties. For now, buyers will either pay cash for the properties or seek financing elsewhere.

Do you finance non US residents?

Our program is robust enough to accommodate both US and foreign investors.

Do you finance investors from Emerging markets?

We have a special program for investors from Asia and Africa. For further details, visit our contact center for further consultations.

How do I get started?

Contact us for free consultations at info@northwestcapitalresources.com.

We will discuss your specific situation and advice the best route for you.