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New Year New Attitude New Focus

Welcome to the first day of the first month of the year 2017! I am sure most of you would be wondering where the 2016 had flown so fast to?. It was just a few moments ago we said happy new for 2016; and now it had gone so fast!. Well, it has gone and traditionally, this is the time people make New Year resolutions of what they plan to achieve in the coming year.


In this first post, I will try and articulate the route I am following to plan for the year. I know that this is a real estate investment blog, but I also believe that we are spirit beings and must therefore align with our God for direction and inspiration.  I will give a summary of some points to consider as we navigate through this year 2017. My early grade school teacher once said “if you fail to plan, You plan to fail’.

So as we begin to plan the New Year, here are some points to consider;

  1. Start Early: Today is 01/01/2017 and it will never come back again; once it’s gone, it is gone!. Time to start with whatever plans you have is NOW.  Do not procrastinate and postpone what you should do now for later.  Maximize each minute of each hour, and each hour of each day.  The clock is ticking.
  2. Forget about your past successes in 2016: Yes, you may have achieved a great deal the past year; it is history. Success is the greatest adversity to vision. When you begin to play back your successes and achievements of the past year, it limits the vision for tomorrow.
  3. Forget about your past failures in 2016: Our vehicles have a rear view mirror for looking at the back while driving. It is only used 5% in our driving journey. In contrast, the windshield is wide and large to show you the full view of where you are going; DO NOT LOOK BACK, YOU ARE NOT GOING BACK. Brush off all the failures and disappointments of 2016 and maintain your focus on 2017.
  4. Make your plans for 2017: People make plans, set targets for the year and call it business plans and projections, which is great. For me, I make such plans, but I call them different name: prayer requests. I recognize that we can make all the plans and do all we can to accomplish them; but ONLY if they are in alignment with the purpose and counsel of God. So I make the plans and commit them into the hands of God in prayers.
  5. Compartmentalize your plans to accommodate every area of your life: Based on your personal principles and life, your plan should include the total you; your life, family, business, etc. Below are my life compartments and I have set targets for each:


  • Ministry– I am involved in a local church and for 2017, we have set new targets for what we are trusting God to achieve. I will not list them in this blog.
  • Person– I have set targets for my personal growth-spiritual, what type and number of books to read each month, skills to acquire etc. I will also not include the details here.
  • Family: For my wife, 3 teenage children, their education etc. No details either
  • Business: My Risk Management consulting business, real investment targets, etc.


Above 4 areas are of utmost importance to me and my life vision and everything I do revolve around these areas.


What areas of your life are really important to you? For me, real estate is a means to an end. If I succeed in REI, it will help drive and fulfill my vision of financial freedom and security that will enable me give more of my time to the ministering and spreading the Gospel.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2017!