Who Are We?

HomePageHouse2North West Capital Resources is a real estate investment supermarket that helps both local and foreign investors create financial freedom and wealth  through investment properties in strategically selected markets across the United States.


Ndy Onyido is the Senior Partner, North West Capital Resources Inc, Canada. He has over 15 years of banking experience that covered commercial and regional banking operations, risk management and International Trade prior to relocation to Canada. He is currently an Independent Credit Risk Consultant with a commercial bank in Toronto.   As a certified risk manager and Project Management Professional with proficiency in Credit Risk, Capital Market, Retail Credits, Business Continuity Management, Operational, and Regulatory Risk Reporting, he works with banks to ensure compliance in risk management related regulatory projects.

He is passionate about retirement planning, and attaining financial freedom through professional real estate investment strategies. Using his experience from the banking industry, he assists investors access opportunities in the attractive US real estate markets to acquire cash flowing professionally managed investment properties.


In partnership with  Mike Wolf Mastery Inc, we make it easy for investors to purchase the right property, at the right price, with the right team, from anywhere in the world by managing risk, protecting capital and providing exceptional customer service and property management.With strong capitalisation of over $5m revolving line for funding investors’ real estate acquisitions, we originate and underwrite mortgages for qualified investors. These loans are securitized and sold off as Notes, thereby freeing more capital for onward lending to investors for property  acquisition.

We provide professional management of the property with our in house property managers, providing the investors with rest of mind and time to pursue whatever other interests and life style of freedom they may so desire.


We deliver the true Real Estate Remote Investing;  from market research, property analysis and selection, financing to property management. (leasing, rent collection and advice).


You really do not need any involvement after closing on the property.